Forever Chairman

Njong Donatus FONYUY

July 27, 2023


As you go home know that the weight of loss bears heavily on my shoulders. We have lost a titan of the struggle for democracy, a champion of social justice, and a mentor and father figure to many, including myself. Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi, whose stalwart leadership of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) has left an indelible mark on the annals of Cameroon’s political history, has taken his final bow.

Father figures are more than just elders or mentors; they are individuals who inspire us, who guide us through life’s complexities, and above all, model the virtues of compassion, integrity, and resilience. Daddy was such a figure in my life for the last three decades. He was not just a political mentor but also a beacon of hope, a compass guiding me in the stormy seas of political struggle.

Born from the heart of our nation, Daddy shaped his destiny and, by extension, the destiny of our country with his bare hands. His tireless fight against dictatorship and misgovernance demonstrated the depth of his conviction, a beacon that lit our path even in the darkest of times. He championed democracy when it was not fashionable, when it was dangerous, when it was considered a dream too far to reach. Yet, he believed.

Daddy’s legacy is one that transcends political boundaries. His indomitable spirit, his dedication to his party, his unwavering commitment to his ideals, and his steadfast opposition to the injustices have left a remarkable legacy, which continues to inspire us. His life’s journey has been one of courage, determination, and an unwavering belief in the power to the people. The breadth and depth of his impact cannot be overstated. His was a life that mattered, a life that made a difference.

Yet beyond his monumental political achievements, he was a man of great warmth and humility, whose spirit of inclusiveness and fairness endeared him to many. He was a compassionate leader, a man of the people, who wore his heart on his sleeve. To me, he was more than just a political mentor. He was a guide, a friend, and a father figure. His counsel was wisdom, his laughter was joy, and his kindness was a comfort. His departure leaves an immense void, one that cannot be filled easily.

As we mourn his departure, we also celebrate a life well-lived. A life that was dedicated to service, to the pursuit of justice, and to the belief in a better Cameroon. His spirit will continue to guide us as we carry on his legacy and as we strive to fulfil the dream of a united democratic, just, and equitable Cameroon that he so cherished.

Rest in the power of the most high God, Daddy. We will carry your torch forward, and we will not let the fire of democracy and social justice that you ignited in our hearts ever dim. We are forever indebted to your sacrifice, your service, and your love for Cameroon.

Your legacy will forever be a beacon guiding our path. We will remember you, not just as a political mentor, but as a father figure, a guiding light, and a champion of the people. May your soul find eternal peace and rest.

Thank you.

Njong Donatus Fonyuy.

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