Forever Chairman


July 27, 2023

CHAIRMAN you showed us the way… You the messenger of the almighty, made us to realize the
importance of compassion, selflessness and freedom. You made us know to respect others as we seek
respect to ourselves by others and regardless of our race, language, religion or culture. You the most
humble, made us proud, made us to be known, to be respected through our work and values. You are
the one …among the many …. You are the star, among the many who made this country (Cameroon) to
come yet together, live together and build a nation together. What a pain, what a feeling one can have
to see you go away. Only one thing I ask you to do for this world from up the unknown…. Please make
sure the people of Cameroon and that of the world need peace and god may be generous to do so. Even
though your physical demise was expected, as all of us will sure pass on, Chairman’s passing away was
a shock. As we grew up in politics, living in fear, suffering, humiliation, someway in dark dungeon he
and his colleagues battling were our hope. This hope never disappeared and never disappointed when
he emerged in 1990 and launched the SDF.

Chairman, our beloved father of our nation, It is a sad time for our nation at your passing. You were our
Special Star and our symbol of peace, reconciliation, forgiveness, freedom and respect. May we live up
to your name and symbolism and dedicate our lives in pursuit of what you stood and lived for. Your
smile lifted our spirits, your voiced encouraged our boldness, your words were to us like bread to the
poor, your humor made us love you even more and your actions sobered us to the knowledge of true
love and sacrifice. Your loss echo in our hearts, at the same time unifies us in mourning. May this time
renew our intentions to live up to your dreams and unite us as the nation. May you rest in peace
“TATAH”. May those who followed in your leadership shoes learn the art of selfless serving and
sacrifice. May we all renew our resolve to let no one suffer when we can do something about it. May
those who bully and inflict pain, suffering and discrimination NEVER NEVER and NEVER get away
with it.

I am personally grateful that some of my achievements in life have been facilited by Ni John FRU NDI’s
struggle and personal sacrifice. May your spirit of serving live within us forever. Amen !
Good buy Chairman…. your sprit is both in my heart and soul. la luta continua!!!

Kungaba Leonel,
National coordinator of
socialist youths

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