Forever Chairman

Grace Fongwi NGWAFOR

July 27, 2023

Tatah, Daddy,Chairman day confirms the reality,that you are indeed departed
from this world.
I do not have your present contact,so I can’t call you for us to chat as usual, and you will ask
the question, Grace what is the population saying about my recent outings on issues
concerning the country,so I can see if what they say need some adjustments.
However,I thank God that I experienced your exuberance and enthusiasm to serve
cameroonians and humanity,as I accompanied you move round the country to let
Cameroonians know more about Democracy and good governance.
It was quite an experience. Like any good story that has a beginning and end, Tatah I learnt
from you that life comes from earth and life returns to the earth.
You ran the race, you kept the faith finished the race.
I know you are only sleeping, goodnite father of freedom of expression,till we meet to
Grace Fongwi NGWAFOR

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