Forever Chairman

Cornelis FRU NDI

July 27, 2023

Dearest Pah Ni,

From when we were young, we never fully understood the path God had chosen for you. We witnessed you take bold steps to speak for the voiceless, give hope to the hopeless and provide optimism to many. From the early days, we witnessed you repeatedly ask the question whether mom could feed 1000 people or if a Christian could ever be a politician. You put out those questions many times and the feedback gave you confidence and inspiration on what God had planned for you – to cater for and provide for many, to grow your faith in the Lord which led to see your courage and fearlessness grow from strength to strength; to stay resilient and steadfast in planting your message of hope, unity and that peaceful change is possible. You have been unwavering in your approach, you have been true to yourself and we would forever be grateful for the impact you made on us as a father and Cameroon as a nation.

In over 33 years, you toured the nation of Cameroon over 22 times. Sometimes when not on tour you would drive off to different regions or villages in response to a crisis, to celebrate or stand in solidarity with the people. Sometimes when you left we wondered whether you were ever going to come back. We wondered whether we would ever have a father the next day. When your convoys were attacked multiple times, we remained cold and full of anxiety and always wondered whether it was all worth it. When mom, passed away in 2005 we thought that would be the opportune time to change direction. We were very nervous and concerned about how you would keep going giving your best friend and partner had departed to rest in the Lord. Despite all the challenges you were faced with, one thing kept you going, your faith in the Lord. Prayers were a standard part of your days and sessions which you never took for granted. We learnt how to do that from you.

After all of what you’ve been through and achieved for us and for Cameroon it is very difficult to cry because we CELEBRATE you. Sometimes we can’t even imagine how you did it all or if you lived multiple lives. God used you well to fulfil your mission on earth and he protected you right through to the end.

When you planned to officially retire from politics on the 29th July 2023, we soo looked forward to that memorable event and started making plans for family holidays. Little did we know that The Almighty had different for you plans. We feel cheated on time but remain grateful for your 82 years on earth.

We appreciate you, we love you and we feel blessed to have had you as a father. Your legacy will live for hundreds of years as the seeds you have planted will grow and the replanting continues.

Rest in peace Papa until we meet again,

‘Akofan’ – Cornelis Fru Ndi

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